Friday, January 04, 2008

Crystals, healing and all that jazz

Crystals supposedly has various powers. Well, James Randi shows that it might be not true!


Glen Lim said...

An interesting experiment, which unfortunately turn out to be biased.

It's not my intention to slam anyone. But I believe, as a crystals metaphysician, I need to put readers/viewers in the right perspective.

The whole evaluation took about 5 mintues, and in that short span of time, it's not possible to conclude on the power of these stones.

You will agree that even modern medicine requires more than 5 minutes for the effect to be felt.

What do I mean? When you have an headache, does it takes only 5 mintues for the headache to go away after taking pain killers? Probably not.

So what make it possible to experience the effect and power of crystals in such a short time?

The best and shortest time I ever witness a noticeable healing power of the crystal, is 2 hours. And that's already a record.

So how do I explain the result of the experiment? As mentioned, the time was too short to truly demonstrates the power of the stone. In short, not accurate.

A further point to that. The result was long created in the mind of the lady undergoing evaluation.

No, I do not mean she cheated. Rather, to begin with, she has subconciously decided on the one she was going to put up a huge resistance.

If you have worked with crystals, you will know that,it's not convincing that crystals energy don't work.

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John Smith said...

Dear Glen,

I should admit, I am no expert in crystals. As far as your quqery about painkillers, a IV/IM shot of any potent painkiller can take less than 5 minutes for its effect. It has been proven.

Modern medicine is proven. That is where alternate methods of healing probably lags behind.

As you say, probably crystals might need at least 2 hours for its effect to be demonstrated but this needs to be convincingly demonstrated to the public under controlled conditions.

James Randi is offering millions of dollars to anyone who can demonstrate any paranormal activity under controlled conditions. So far, sadly all the so called miracle workers and paranormal activists have failed. Interested anyone?

rskirk55 said...

With all due respect to Glen, the demonstration shows how suggestive and misleading crystals and much of the rest of this "new age" health bunk is. I shudder whenever I hear of someone trusting their most precious, non-renewable asset, health, to shamans and charlatans with their crystals, lotions and potions. Steve Kirk, a healthcare manager, blogs for seniors at